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People playing disc golf

Disc Golf

A Pleasant Distraction

The course – called “Distractions” – is located next to Acton Lake and winds its way in the shade under the park’s old-growth forest canopy. The sport of disc golf evolved as an offshoot of the Frisbee craze. Similar to traditional golf, disc golf players use discs and aim for a Disc Pole Hole, a pole extending up from the ground with chains and a basket where the disc lands. The sport is easy to learn and accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. There is no charge to use the course.

Lodge guests can obtain discs to use from the front desk free of charge. Outside players may bring their own discs or purchase them from the lodge. The Hueston Woods course features 27 holes with two sets of tees per hole to offer a greater variety of angles and levels of difficulty. The course has also been designed for players to choose specific holes and tees to create courses ranging from novice to expert.

The course requires players to navigate around natural obstacles with an emphasis on proper disc placement. The holes average 300-400 feet and like a traditional regulation golf course, features a mix of holes playing to par three, four and five. The course is of sufficient quality and difficulty to host tournaments for serious disc golf players.